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How Balanced Are You?

I have more than enough time to do what I like.

I am on a health regimen that helps me feel energized.

I look forward to every day.

There are no people in my life (at home or at work) who drain me.

I love my home (location, contents, the feel, the style).

I have no clutter in my home and/or office.

I have a life pursuing what I want instead of what I should do.

My work is satisfying and rewarding.

I take at least two week-long vacations a year.

I do not work on weekends.

I get plenty of sleep.

I have plenty of quality time with my children and/or the people who matter to me.

I have at least one hobby or pastime outside of my work and family activities.

I eat foods that make me feel energized instead of sluggish.

I have the space to take at least 15 minutes of silence a day.

I have friends who are easy to be with and a joy to spend time with.

I carry no heavy emotional burdens or addictive behaviors.

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