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Brain Fog and Poor Sleep; They Can Be Related

Do you find yourself forgetting things or feeling just plain fogged in? Has your brain been short-circuiting? Having trouble sleeping? We joke about our forgetfulness at times…our sunglasses on our heads as we search for them…. but the seriousness of the issue is our mental performance and long term brain health. If forgetfulness and brain fog persists, it can signal the beginning of dementia or Alzheimer’s. We can’t let that go. Poor sleep is often involved with development of dementia and Alzheimer’s as well. We can do something about it.

Could You Have Brown Slime in the Brain?

Damaged cells become free radicals, and a chain reaction is set in motion. Free-radicals attack proteins in the brain. This turns them into a “sludge” called lipofuscin—a form of brown slime that can coat neurons. Ronald M. Lawrence M.D., Ph.D., a specialist in neurology and assistant clinical professor at UCLA School of Medicine says, “that slime decreases the ability of the brain to send vital electrochemical messages to other parts of the brain. As the slime thickens, memory declines and senility and dementia begin.”1 Free-radical damage to the hypothalamus and pituitary glands result in a decline in growth hormone (GH). Low GH can contribute to more of the manifestations of aging including problems with sleep. Poor sleep further contributes to mental decline. Free-radical attack on the adrenal glands results in a decline in the hormone DHEA—a hormone essential to the ability to learn and form memories.

Due to a host of modern-industrial pollutants, processed foods, too many sweets, computers and other sources of low-electromagnetic-field toxicity, and other generators of free radicals, many middle-aged and even younger people are suffering declines in memory, ability to learn, cognition, intelligence, and capacity to think clearly, along with sleep challenges. Peak mental performance is a necessity for many people. A good night’s sleep is crucial for not just brain health but overall health. You want to stop any mental decline and get your brain back in top shape.

Your first step? Scavenge free radicals and prevent attacks on brain cells with an abundance of antioxidant nutrients such as you find in fresh vegetable juice and wheatgrass juice. As you feed your body high quality “brain food” every day, you’ll see a difference. You have to also remove substances that contribute to free radical attack leading to brain decline. Sugar and artificial sweeteners are among the top contributors. Artificial sweeteners are neurotoxins that are worse for the brain that even sugar. Bottom Line: Sugar can directly contribute to brain fog. It can also really mess up your sleep. Use only natural low-glycemic sweeteners such as stevia and coconut nectar.

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