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Could You Have Low Thyroid?

Have you been wondering why you haven’t felt your best? Your thyroid function may be too high, too low, or shades of in between. It’s the “in-between” I want to help with because less than optimal function doesn’t get addressed with standard thyroid tests. If your thyroid function is suboptimal, you may be fatigued, have trouble losing weight, or challenges sleeping. You might have stinging in your eyes or lines on your finger tips. Low thyroid function is a common condition, as evidenced by the fact that Synthroid (synthetic thyroid hormone) is the fourth most prescribed drug in America. But many people struggle with less than optimal thyroid health never knowing what to do to get better.

T4 is the primary hormone produced by the thyroid gland but it is not the most active. T4 is converted to T3. T3 is 3 to 8 times more potent than T4. But T4 is the hormone measured. What matters most, however, is how well your thyroid hormones do their job, not just how much thyroid hormone is measured in a blood test.

Stress hormones, nutrient deficiencies such as iodine and selenium deficiency, mercury, lead, and cadmium toxicity along with certain medications can impair the enzymatic conversion of T4 to T3.  Other aspects of thyroid hormone metabolism can be impaired and ultimately result in less than optimal thyroid function. Inadequate thyroid stimulating hormones from the brain and pituitary gland due to stress, very low calorie diets, inflammation, and environmental toxins can promote low thyroid function. Other dysfunctions include impaired production of hormones due to iodine deficiency, toxins that affect the thyroid function (chlorine, bromine, and fluoride), certain medications, excessive intake of harmful foods especially sugar, and autoimmune reactions, which can be initiated by food intolerances and other environmental factors.

You can improve your thyroid function and bring it into more optimal function. Take the Thyroid Quiz to get a better idea about your thyroid health.


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Today’s Recipe

32182062_xlThyroid Tonic I

Radishes are a traditional tonic for the thyroid. In the old Soviet Union, black and red radishes were accepted and recommended by some doctors as a medical treatment for hypthyroidism. Radishes contain a sulphur component called raphanin that keeps the production of thyroxine and calcitonin (a peptide hormone) in normal balance.


  • 5 carrots, scrubbed well, green tops removed, ends trimmed
  • ½ medium lemon, peeled
  • 5-6 radishes, with green tops

Cut produce to fit your juicer’s feed tube. Juice ingredients and stir. Pour into a glass and drink as soon as possible.

Serves 1

From The Juice Lady’s Remedies for Thyroid Disorders


  1. Maccie LAWRENCE

    I am currently taking synthroide for under active thyroid will your meds mix well with minds

    • Thyrocsin is not a med but a nutritional supplement. You can always check with your doctor. I have never heard of any problems with it and thyroid medication.

  2. I have been told since entering menopause that I am have a hyper thyroid. Almost everything I read is addressing hypo thyroid functions, will this help with hyper?

    • My book The Juice Lady’s Remedies for Thyroid Disorder addresses hyperthyroid.