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Here are some products with a high sugar content that are often NOT considered high in sugar.

BBQ sauce—13 grams of sugar for each 2 Tbsp.
Fruit yogurt—19 grams in many single serving containers.  It tastes like desert—that’s because it is desert.
Sweet and sour chicken—19 grams of sugar in many servings.
Spaghetti sauce—one-half cup may contain as much as 12 grams sugar plus the pasta turns rapidly to sugar because it’s digested so rapidly
Sodas—one 8-ounce can offers 29 sugar grams—well this one you probably are aware of—just wanted you to see how much sugar is actually there.
Dried fruit—1/3 cup can have as much as 24 grams of sugar; many manufacturers add sugar.
Gummy worms—44 grams of sugar in every 10 worms
Energy bars—one bar can pack in 12 grams or more of sugar
Energy drinks—some pack in as much as 83 grams of sugar


  1. margaret t. smith

    Thanks for info.
    great reminder about how much sugar is in foods we eat.

    • Idalia Geyer

      I praise God and thank The Lord for Him leading me to your article in the Jan. 2015 Charisma Magazine. It is answered prayer. I said a prayer to God to please help me with this intense fatigue I have had, all I ever did and wanted to do was sleep and had no energy whatsoever in doing anything, such as housework and laundry was a MAJOR task for me. I would go make the bed and right after making the bed, I went right into it and would sleep for hours. About a month ago, I decided to go into church thru the side door instead of the front door like I always do and there right smack in front of me on a table was the Charisma Mag “The Juice Lady” someone had put on the table for the taking, THAT WAS A MIRACLE right there, because I never go into church thru side door and I started reading and reading and then I ran out to bookstore and bought your books Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Juicing Fasting and Detoxing for Life. I’ve been juicing now for about 3 days and took your quiz on Fatigue, I scored very intense, severe. Praise God for the revelation. Thank you Cherie you are a blessing. All God. God took me right to that mag and answered my prayers for better health. I FEEL G R E A T since I cut out ALL that sugar and using organic fruits and vegs and I was able to get some things done around the house and feeling great this past weekend. On top of that my foot, my ankle was very swollen and the swelling has gone down along with the pain. I forgot how great it feels to be without pain in that ankle plus the limping from the pain which affected my hips, leg and lower back are almost gone. The morning blend 32 ozs a day. LOL when I drink 16ozs in the am and 16ozs in the afternoon, I can actually feel my body feeling better almost right away and I’m so happy. Thank you Jesus. Can’t wait to receive my Remedies book and the supplements for this fatigue. I think I will be able to fly lol. God’s Blessings. Thank you again, my life will never be the same. God’s not dead and answers prayer. Be well Idalia

      • Idalia,
        Thank you so much for sending me your story. I sent it on to Charisma Magazine. I thought they should know what the story meant to you and how it changed your life. Thanks be to God that you saw that magazine that day at church. It was there for you. I know what it is to suffer as you did. It is so discouraging to have no energy. The juices, diet, and supplements make a huge difference. Blessings.

  2. Wow sugar is in everything.I don’t think we realize how much sugar is in our food.What other foods should you avoid for inflamation?

    • It is everywhere. Read labels. It’s in so many products too numerous to list.