Father John Calbom

Father John Calbom

Fr. John Calbom, MA is an inspirational speaker, corporate chaplain, consultant, certified HeartMath provider, and a Russian Orthodox priest with degrees in theology and psychology. He is a co-author with his wife, Cherie, of  The Complete Cancer Cleanse and Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing for Life. He integrates Biblical truths with insights from neuropsychology, cardiac psychology, and behavioral medicine as part of training for excellence to reach our God-given potential in all aspects of life. His popular seminar Who Am I; What Is My Purpose helps people discover the dreams in their hearts and how to live them fully. He helps individuals and organizations discover their purpose, create a vision for the future, and come into alignment spiritually, psychologically, and physically so that they might fulfill the reason for which they were created.

Fr. John’s Classes

Who Am I; What Is My Purpose

If you don’t know your purpose or have a compelling future, it’s much harder to discipline your eating habits and follow the juicing and whole foods lifestyle. Fr. John teaches the “Positive Principle” — Happy people are healthier, more productive, live longer, and perform better than unhappy people.  He’ll teach you how to discover who you are and the design for your life.

Emotional Detox
Toxic emotions such as bitterness, unforgiveness, and resentment can ruin our health.  In this class, Fr. John teaches you how to identify buried toxic emotions and let them go.  Letting these emotions go is freeing and life-changing for many people.

Mental Detox
Toxic thinking can destroy your health and your life.  Fr. John will help you identify judgments, inner vows, and thoughts that may be steering your life int he wrong direction.  He’ll help you discover the heart’s role in dealing with toxic thinking.

Father John enjoying JUICE!

Father John teaching the “Positive Principle”.

De-Stressing: How to Live From a Happy Heart
Opening your heart is a key to a healthy life. You’ll learn how to listen to your heart and how to open it.  When you listen to your heart, you are not bothered by problems and differences in people.

“I just returned from my cardiologist’s office and went over the results of my blood tests taken two days ago.  He was grinning ear to ear and said I was in his “Hall of Fame”!  Before and after: Total Cholesterol 241, now l58; Triglycerides 89, now 78, HDL 55, now 48, LDL 160, now …94. (ratio, 3.2) Then he said, ok, now sit down and tell me, what in the world did you do?  I’m not on statins, won’t take them, but wanted to see how much my lipids responded to a really good way to cleanse and then eat nourishing meals. After accomplishing the Trinity Wellness Retreat, we are all sooo on the right track to health and we should all be so proud of ourselves and talk about the retreat to our friends.  Five years ago, I was so scared and today my heart is happy and calm. In fact, I’m smiling right now, Father John! ~ Linda “

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Take Charge of Your Mind and Emotions

If you sense that it’s time for a positive change in your life, emWave2 can help. This unique training system helps you learn to build inner resilience — a state of poise and readiness for effectively dealing with stressful feelings and whatever challenges come your way. Practice for just five to ten minutes a day can bring more ease and mental and emotional flexibility into your life. You’ll find your attitudes, emotions, and perspectives become more positive and resilient.

New and Versatile — On The Go or at Your Computer
The new emWave2 combines the portability of the original handheld emWave, which provides input via lights and sound, with a rich graphical interface which displays on your computer. Use it on the go, or at home or work — just plug into your computer to download and review previous sessions, run a new session with the real-time heart rhythm display, or play one of the interactive coherence-building games.


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