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Healed of Terminal Cancer & He Just Got Married

A Christmas Miracle: Carmen Kicked Terminal Cancer and Just Got Married

The  news headline says “Carman Licciardello, aka simply ‘Carman,’ finally tied the knot at 61!”

He was diagnosed with myeloma in February 2013. Myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells, is deadly. Doctors gave him three to four years to live. But Carman, who has recorded 15 gold and platinum albums and videos and has sold more than 10 million records, refused to go down without an all-out war.

Instead of dying within the doctors’ expectations, Carman is now starting a new life with his wife.

He was pushing 60, with no hope for a family or a long life. He said,”most of my family has either passed away or live such distant lives that we never see each other. So my family had shrunk to my mother, my sister-in-law Sandy and my niece Loni. Just us 4. Today, I am 100% cancer free with a beautiful Godly wife and huge family literally’ as big as Dallas. Add 3 new sisters, 7 nieces, 5 nephews, 1 son, 5 daughters and 9 grandchildren. A son in law who is a fireman Paramedic. And even a nephew who is an MMA fighter. I’m overwhelmed with Family. God has restored me in 100 ways and it’s only just beginning.”

I just had to share Carmen’s story with you. In this season of giving and celebration, it can be very discouraging for anyone fighting an illness, depression or loneliness. I want to encourage you that there is always hope for you. Your prayers are heard. You are not alone in your battles or alone in this season.

I want you to finish 2017 strong in spirit and strong in hope. Just like Carmen, it’s not over. If he could be cancer free and married for the first time at 61, great things can happen for you too. I’m praying for you. Let me know how I can specifically pray.

If you have cancer or know someone who does, consider my class “What to Eat and Juice When You Have Cancer.”


  1. Dear Cherie, I’m so thankful for you! I saw you on the Sid Roth show and my life is forever changed. I also had a mini session with you about my husband’s blood disorder. The doctor gave him 5-10 years to live. I remember you encouraged us to start juicing and we’ve been juicing ever since. I got your book entitled the Juice Lady’s Guide to Juicing for Health and it has been amazing. My husband has been completely healed of a rare blood disorder that the doctors said could not be cured. But, thanks to and awesome God for healing him completely and directing us to you. We will forever be grateful for your work! Enjoy the holidays!

    • Jackie, Thank you so much for sharing your story. This is encouraging to many people.

  2. Nina Stanton

    Thank you for sharing Carmen’s story. I knew he had cancer and I hadn’t seen him on TV for a long time and was wondering how he was doing. Now I know. Thank you.

  3. Carlyne Blair

    Hi, 30 years ago this month I was injured saving one of my patients as an RN. And the past two years, I have lost 220 lb! I changed my whole life and actually was getting prepared to have my RN license reinstated. In September 2016, I was in a car accident caused by a woman who was talking on her cell phone. Prior to the car accident my pain level was at 2 and now it is between 20-30 on the Pain Scale. Doctors have tried all kinds of medications to help with the pain to no avail. I have absolutely no support, and see no hope anymore. I have now shut down, and refused to go into 2018 like this.
    Cherie, I have totally given up. I don’t know what to do anymore. All I do is cry I can’t even pray anymore . Where is God and why won’t he help me ??
    Merry Christmas

    • Carlylne– God is with you. He hasn’t left you. I would highly recommend a veggie juice fast to heal your body. When you juice fast, it gives your body a rest and a chance to heal with all the great nutrients. You can do this on your own or join my class 5-day juice fast on Jan 2. I’m praying for you. Merry Christmas!