Juicing for Health – DVD

Would you like to lose weight, look younger, boost your energy, alkalize your body, strengthen your immune system, keep colds and flu at bay, and prevent disease?  Learn how vegetable juicing can help you do all that and more.  It was the hope of reversing an illness that prompted me to start juicing years ago when I had severe chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).  You’ll be inspired by my story of healing not only of CFS, but also from a severe injury.

60 minute DVD



Detoxing for Health – DVD

Flush out toxins right down to the cellular level and watch the fat melt away. Toxins will also trap water between fat cells and contribute to the orange peel-looking skin we call cellulite.  Get rid of the toxins, and cellulite dimples also fade away. You can also flush away toxins that contribute to the aging process and start looking younger, fresher, and healthier. Even more important–you’ll prevent serious diseases such as cancer. Cleanse your body and you’ll also be cleansing your brain, which will help revive mental clarity and even help prevent Alzheimer’s.

60 minute DVD

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