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Know Your Purpose; Why You Were Born

with my husband, Fr. John

Have you tapped the power of your personal purpose? Each of us exists for a reason.  Knowing what you are here to do is more important than knowing your vision, mission, or values.  Discovering your purpose can be likened to cutting a diamond.  Each gem has its unique God-given design, just waiting to be discovered.  You are like the diamond. The secret is to discover your unique pattern. The secret to a life worth living is identifying and building on the purpose you were born to fulfill.  You were born to do something very specific with your life. A role and opportunity have been entrusted to you, which reaches beyond your career and just living your life. The closer you come to fulfilling your purpose, the fewer choices you will have, but the more power you will have to “be who you are” within the bounds of actualizing your opportunities. When you are on purpose, you tend to maximize both your results and your performance along with your happiness and satisfaction. When you are off purpose, your are out of sync, and generally suffer.  This is because you are out of sync with the larger purpose, which is God’s bigger purpose.  You will the make things more chaotic for yourself if you don’t know your purpose.  Being on purpose is fundamental to enjoying a less stressful life, even in more stressful times. You are able to prioritize; to focus on what really matters. You are able to develop powerful visions for defining your future and outlining day-to-day action plans. You are able to shape some of life’s most important decisions as you move toward fulfilling your purpose.  To discover your personal purpose, you must be able to look at your existence deeper and more honesty than ever before.  When you fully understand your purpose, you will have more clarify and insight in your life where the issue is you and your hopes, dreams, talents, disappointments, time, money, family, friends, relatives, faith, doubts, and education. Your have more satisfaction and greater performance.  *

At our May retreat my husband teaches a great class, “Who Am I; What is My Purpose.”  He is incorporating the Path Primer into this class in the form of workshops.  You will receive the Path Primer book and have a chance to go through the exercises during the retreat so you can better understand your purpose, find greater meaning in your life, and be in harmony with God’s greater purpose.  If you have struggled to know your personal purpose, I encourage you to come to our spring retreat. This is the time for you to really know why you were born.  Many people struggle with why they are here.  You can make choices that are consistent with you are created to be and thus come into wholeness—-spirit, soul, and body.


*Adapted from Path Primer, Brain Technologies Corporation


  1. Werner Gerber

    That’s a good question to ask ourselves, why we are here on planet earth.
    I believe Micah 6:8 sheds light on our search for purpose: ” The Lord has told you what is good and this is what he requires of you: to do right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly before your God.”
    We are blessed in order to be blessing to others.
    Thanks you for being a blessing to me.

  2. Keith Fleming

    How can I get started now? I won’t be able to attend in the spring and can’t wait. Is there personal coaching I can re dive now?

    Please help me.


    • You could do personal coaching with Fr. John if you would want that.

  3. Your message is challenging and blesses me immensely as it touches on so many points our Pastor from the Ministry of Jesus Christ has been teaching us in how to surrender to God and He will direct us to His purpose. In our selves or we will keep going round in circles. I am a big fan of juicing and have both The living Foods and the Juicing Dictionary I call it that as you have different ailments with juices that one must use. I thank God for your life and for allowing Him to take you through the process to be a blessing to us.