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“Juice Off the Pounds with Workbook”

Sign up today and get my 23-page e-booklet Juice Off the Pounds–Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days with the companion workbook.  In “Juice Off the Pounds!” you’ll learn the secrets to why vegetable juicing helps you lose weight so effectively and why it helps you keep it off for good.  You’ll also discover the amazing reasons why it cuts off cravings making weight loss so much easier. You’ll discover which nutrients satisfy your body’s needs and make weight loss so much easier than it’s been in the past.  You’ll read inspiring weight loss stories.  And you’ll learn the power of alkalizing your body.  You’ll also discover why toxins will cause you to gain weight. Have you heard about biophotons and why they are great weight loss helpers?  You’ll also get the workbook to help you design a Juice Off the Pounds menu plan.

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“The Importance of Water in Weight Loss with Workbook” and “Recipe Booklet”

Sign up for the Advanced Program and you’ll get the Juice Off the Pounds e-booklet with workbook and the e-booklet The Importance of Water for Weight Loss with the workbook.  You’ll also get the Recipe Booklet free.  In The Importance of Water for Weight Loss you’ll learn why it’s very difficult to lose weight when you don’t drink enough water.  You’ll learn about water and your metabolism–why and how it is a spark to ignite your fat-burning process. Discover water’s amazing secrets for your health.  Get the calculation for how much water you should drink for your weight.  Find out about healthy water and the worst choices you could make.

This is a $14.95 value that is yours for signing up for the Advanced Program.