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Watercress Soup Diet

Summer vacations are over. The barbecues, parties, vacations, reunions, and weddings with all the fattening food are passed. Did you gain a few pounds? Well, it’s time to take it off.

I have a tip for you. I’ve proven that the Watercress Soup Diet works! This diet is in my book Souping is the New Juicing. (And guess what! It’s now available!) If you didn’t see it earlier when I published the results of my study in July, here they are again.

An increase in energy level and a decrease in body weight are two of the many health benefits of the Watercress Soup Diet. Fifty-five ladies from ages 35 to 65 participated in my study which involved a Watercress Berry Smoothie for breakfast, Watercress Soup for lunch, and a low-carbohydrate dinner. The diet was not only satisfying and easy to follow, but it was considered delicious by the volunteers.


Sylvia lost 19 pounds in 3 weeks.

Michell lost 24 pounds and 28 inches to date.













The study was designed to be a weight loss program, however, feedback showed that the diet can also result in multiple other health benefits. In the study:

  • 81% of participants noticed a positive change in skin
  • 59.7% noticed a positive change in hair
  • 68.4% noticed their mood was elevated
  • 93% noticed an increase in energy level

My study found similar results to another study from the UK that proved The Watercress Soup Diet’s effectiveness. “Eleven volunteers were selected who, after following the diet for just six weeks, lost an average 1 stone (which is 3 pounds) while the star dieter, Roy White, shed an incredible 3.5 stone (10.5 pounds). He lost nearly 10% of his body fat and had a final BMI (body mass index) of 33.5, which was down from 4.0.”

All the participants were impressed by how easy the diet was to keep to. Virtually everyone lost weight within the first week which meant motivation to continue was high.  But it was not just weight loss that they benefited from. Everyone said that their skin and hair had improved and that “they felt unusually energized.”

HR Officer and mother of one Lisa Regan (42) lost nearly 1.5 stone (4.5 pounds) on the diet. “I found the diet really easy to stick to. The meals were tasty and satisfying and it was simple to make up enough watercress soup to be eaten over several days. I didn’t eat much watercress before doing the diet but over the six weeks I’ve noticed that I feel more healthy and energetic and my hair and skin look better too.”

Lisa’s sister Anita Barker (46), an office administrator from South Woodford, also took part, losing just over a stone (3 pounds). “I feel great! I didn’t want to lose a lot of weight,” she said. I just wanted to feel more comfortable in my clothes. The Watercress Soup Diet was simple to follow and because results could be seen within the first week it kept me motivated and keen to keep it up. Like Lisa, I might have eaten watercress occasionally but now I’m a real convert and I will definitely keep eating the watercress soup.”(1)

The Watercress Soup Diet and my book “Souping is the New Juicing” are featured as the Cover Story in Woman’s World magazine this week!


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1 http://www.watercress.co.uk/diet/watercress-diet/



  1. judy f ladeur

    Hi Cherie, it was great to meet you on the cruise. I ordered your book the minute that i stepped off the ship and it arrives tomorrow. Can’t wait to get started.

    • Hi Judy, I hope you enjoyed the cruise and hope you enjoy my Souping book. Welcome home!