Exciting New Retreat in Sunny Arizona

Exciting New Retreat in Sunny Arizona

Exciting New Retreat in Sunny Arizona

Don’t miss our Fall Juice & Raw Foods Cleanse Retreat!

It starts the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This is a perfect time to cleanse away all the stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie.

Mark your calendar for Nov 25–Nov 30 in CAREFREE, AZ
(Just 40 minutes from the Phoenix airport.)
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Would you like to get beyond your present health challenges?  What do you struggle with?


  • Fatigue?

  • Poor sleep?

  • Inability to lose weight?

  • Stress-related health problems such as high blood pressure or adrenal fatigue?

  • Headaches?

  • Cancer?

  • Diabetes?

  • Memory problems?


Picture yourself as a new person after just 5 days at our Juice & Raw Foods Retreat.  This is the ONLY retreat we know of that offers our unique approach of spirit, soul, and body approach to health and healing.  In this retreat you’ll learn about:

  • Who Am I and What Is My Purpose

    Cherie and Father John Calbom

    Cherie and Father John Calbom

  • How to let go of toxic emotions

  • Detox your body with fresh organic juices

  • Healing for a variety of conditions

If you’re ready to rejuvenate your body, I invite you to come.  Now is your chance!  

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Detox Your Destiny

Detox Your Destiny

Are you just getting by day after day? Do you long for the excitement of fully living your destiny? If you’re not living out the dreams in your heart. . . if there are things holding you back, it’s time to DETOX YOUR DESTINY. Many of the classes at our Juice & Raw Foods Health & Wellness Retreat could help you with the detox process. My husband’s class “Who Am I; What Is My Purpose” is one of the most popular classes that we offer.

It’s time to ask what’s holding you back:

  • Lack of direction or a compelling future
  • Stresses of life; just maintaining
  • Not knowing who you are
  • Lack of energy
  • Poor health
  • Foggy brain

“Who Am I; What Is My Purpose?”

The purpose for our life is something we all long to know and complete. Many people struggle with knowing why they are here and sleepwalk through life or exist in a state of “hypnotic waking.” They are living in “quiet desperation.” This makes it very difficult to follow the juicing and healthy food lifestyle because in a state of frustration and lack of fulfillment, we tend to reach for “short-term, feel-good fare, which are often foods that give us a little comfort and pleasure for a few minutes. In the long run, they defeat our goals and keep us from the health we long for to help us creatively fulfill our purpose.

“Who Am I; What Is My Purpose.” is one of the classes I took from my husband years ago and discovered my passion was, and still is, nutrition and juicing. Because of his classes, I went back to school and completed my master of science degree in whole foods nutrition at Bastyr University. The rest is history, as they say. Here I am today with more than 3 million health and juice books sold and helping thousands of people each year reach their potential through learning to live the juicing lifestyle of health and wholeness.

How To Discover Your Purpose

Write down your ten best experiences in life, starting with childhood, teen years, young adult, and present. Look for things you did well that also gave you a sense of joy and fulfillment. Then look for themes that run through all your stories. For me, it was helping people with their health, studying nutrition, speaking, teaching, and writing.

If you’re feeling unfulfilled and lacking purpose and direction, why don’t you complete the exercise just described? It’s best to then share it with others to get feedback from them.   Ask what they see in your stories–themes running through your life. I did this in my husband’s class and got feedback from the group. Other people can often see us better than we see ourselves and help us identify our greatest strengths and gifts.

My husband, Fr. John, will be teaching this class September 20-25 at our Health & Wellness Juice and Cleanse Retreat in Spokane, WA. He will also teach “Emotional Detox, Mental Detox, and De-Stressing: How to Live From a Happy Heart”. Check out our retreat on my website. You can also email me via this newsletter address or call 425-261-8821 if you want more information. You can register on line.

We have a variety of options to save on the cost of the retreat. There is RV hookup at the retreat center. You could also commute if you live in this area of have friends here. And, if you have very limited funds, you can apply for a scholarship at cherie@juiceladycherie.com Send us a letter as to why you want to attend and your income tax return showing proof of need.

Testimonies About the Retreat

Anne Marie Loved the Retreat

I LOVED THE RETREAT!  I would come again in a heartbeat. Thank you all for the incredible amount of work you put into it.  I truly felt blessed and special.  One of my best mental images was the smooth sailing ducks on the surface and the madly paddling feet below.  The personal tips were wonderful.  I have already begun to review my handouts for what I might have missed. I loved meeting all of you.  Your caring for each of us truly touched my heart.  The interaction of the class members and their caring for each other made this an exceptional part of my journey. I came away with much more information and ways to apply this to my life.  It’s the application that is so important. It was a very intense week, but very well integrated with time for each modality, yet time for rest and absorption. The program was very well thought out and executed  I liked having different instructors for the various  topics.  The depth was perfect as most of us had  some kind of background in the areas. The setting was also perfect…places to be alone and with nature…places to be together.

“Thank you for an amazing week! 

This retreat was a chance to renew, nourish and connect, body, mind and spirit.  I learned how great our bodies can feel when we nourish them with “real” food. And how “delicious” that can be!    I also learned how our bodies work, and the amazing things they are capable of if we help them function the way they are meant to.  And I learned about connecting our minds to our hearts, the importance of this, and the part our attitudes and emotions play in our health.  Each part is important,  but if we want to live the lives we are truly capable of, no matter our circumstances, we need to do all three.  And Cherie and Father John teach and demonstrate how to do this!

Eileen – A Life Changing Experience

“Thanks to you [Cherie], Fr. John for an awesome ‘life changing’ Health & Wellness retreat. It was better than I could have imagined.”

A Recipe Served At The Retreat

Chef Stevie’s Fabulous Raw Lasagna

Cashew Ricotta

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 10.40.07 PM

  • 2 cups raw cashews soaked for 2 hours
  • 1 small shallot (optional)
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons nutritional yeast
  • 1 teaspoon truffle oil (can substitute olive oil)
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 3 tablespoons water

Blend all ingredients in the food processor until creamy.

Basil Pesto

  • 2 cups basil leaves
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/2 cup walnuts, pine nuts or cashews
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • Sea salt and pepper to taste

Lasagna “Noodles”

  • 2 zucchini


Use a mandolin to thinly slice 2 zucchini for lasagna noodles. Place 3 zucchini noodles one slightly overlapping the other on a dehydrator sheet. Then spread 1 Tbsp. of the “ricotta cheese” over the noodles.  Next spread about 1 Tbsp. of the pesto sauce over the cheese.  Place 3 additional zucchini noodles on top of pesto.  Spread a layer of cheese on top, then a layer of pesto and top with fresh tomatoes. If you want a higher stack lasagna, add another layer. Dehydrate* for at least an hour at 115 degrees.

Why Not Take a Vacation with a Healthy Purpose?

Rather than return from a vacation feeling worn out, bloated, and sorry you ate what you did, why not take a break and get healthier? You can return home feeling really good, lighter, more focused, and renewed body, soul, and spirit. I hope you’ll join me this fall for the ultimate cleanse and renewal program.

Read about it…

Trinity Retreat

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The Power of a Cleanse Retreat

The Power of a Cleanse Retreat

Over two decades ago I attended my first juice and raw foods cleanse retreat. I have never felt so clean and alive as I had that week. I went back every year for a tune up. There was something about cleansing and juice fasting with others that made the whole process much easier and much more fun. I was determined to have my own cleanse retreats one day and to address whole person cleansing—body, soul, and spirit. I knew that’s where I’d see the most powerful and profound changes in people’s lives.

Almost 3 years ago my husband and I started The Juice and Raw Foods Cleanse Retreats. We’ve seen miraculous things happen since the day we started. I’m sharing a couple of testimonies in this newsletter with you. I want you to feel sparkling clean and vibrantly alive too like so many other people have.


We do three days of juice fasting preceded and followed by raw foods. Juice fasting eliminates the usual mucous forming foods from the diet like refined flour, dairy, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, and stimulates the digestive tract to be more active. It eliminates irritating substances and prevents the production of excess mucus. In addition, juice fasting helps the body remove dead cells and toxins while also supplying an abundance of nutrients the body uses to heal.

Raw juices are very alkaline and highly beneficial in creating acid-alkaline balance in the blood and tissues. The juices extracted from raw fruits and vegetables require no digestion so your digestive track, and indeed your whole body, gets a rest. Also, vital nutrients are assimilated directly in the bloodstream.

I hope you’ll be able to attend our Fall Retreat—September 20-25 at Immaculate Heart Retreat Center in Spokane, WA.

Health Juice RetreatTestimonies From Past Retreats

A life-changing event!

“It’s now been a month since I was on your Wellness Retreat, I didn’t want to comment as soon as I got back as I wasn’t sure if the benefits I experienced would be short lived and from the “high” of being there. Today, one month later, as I was walking through the mall, I noticed how energized I feel. My weight is down 10 pounds so far– 6 pounds were lost at the retreat..By the end of the retreat, my constant post nasal drip had cleared up 98 percent . Prior to the retreat,  I was feeling constantly anxious and overwhelmed. Now, I feel a sense of calmness. Thanks Fr. John. My blood pressure, which was in the dangerously high zone, is now in the pre-high blood pressure zone and is still improving.. And, I am not craving carbs from wheat any longer.”  ~ Eileen

“Thank you for an amazing week! 

This retreat was a chance to renew, nourish and connect, body, mind and spirit.  I learned how great our bodies can feel when we nourish them with “real” food. And how “delicious” that can be!  I also learned how our bodies work, and the amazing things they are capable of if we help them function the way they are meant to.  And I learned about connecting our minds to our hearts, the importance of this, and the part our attitudes and emotions play in our health.  Each part is important,  but if we want to live the lives we are truly capable of, no matter our circumstances, we need to do all three.  And Cherie and Father John teach and demonstrate how to do this!

Tiffany lost 8 pounds, gained 20 friends

Mere words cannot express my gratitude to Cherie, Fr. John, and Catherine for last week’s Trinity Wellness Retreat. I was first introduced to Cherie’s juicing through Dr. Mercola’s website and have been enjoying juicing for the past 18 months. When I read about the retreat, I knew it was exactly what I needed to take my juicing to the next level to provide a supportive environment for a week-long cleanse. The retreat exceeded my expectations off the chart! The classes I attended at the retreat were packed with juicing information and recipes, healthy lifestyle changes, and loving support. While weight loss was not my priority, I did return home 8 pounds lighter but far more important were the 20+ new friendships I gained! No matter if you are just starting out with juicing or have been embracing and enjoying it for years, you must treat yourself to this life changing experience!”

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How To Heal Inflammation

How To Heal Inflammation

Our bodies are continually juggling a balancing act with inflammatory chemical assaults, while working hard to keep a delicate equilibrium under control. While some inflammation is beneficial in an acute setting (i.e. a swollen ankle after a sprain is important to stabilize it), chronic inflammation can have a negative impact on our health. Leading scientists are now showing the ties between inflammation to many types of chronic disease facing developed nations in pandemic proportions such as; heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune diseases — to even cancer.

Sources of inflammation are abundant in our environment and the lifestyles many of us live. What we eat, drink, breathe,and think every day affects our biochemistry in countless ways. On top of this, the myriad of microorganisms living in our gastrointestinal system impact us, all of which can heal or harm us with whatever consistent lifestyle choices we choose. The emerging field of Epigenetics is a powerful and exciting field of medicine showing how critical a role our environment plays on our genetics. Dr.’s like Bruce Lipton (author of The Biology of Belief) have proven that stress has the direct ability to change the ways our genes are activated, thus having a huge ability to influence our health. At the very base of our entire health spectrum is how we control inflammatory processes. What we put in, on, and around our body play a major role in how we look, think, and feel. And our diet has a major impact on our health.

To heal inflammation, avoid junk food, sugar and artificial sweeteners, all vegetable oils (use coconut oil and olive oil), heal your gut, and detoxify your body.  De-stress and learn to live from a happy heart. (This is one of my husband’s most popular classes at our retreats.)

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Know Your Purpose; Why You Were Born

Know Your Purpose; Why You Were Born

with my husband, Fr. John

Have you tapped the power of your personal purpose? Each of us exists for a reason.  Knowing what you are here to do is more important than knowing your vision, mission, or values.  Discovering your purpose can be likened to cutting a diamond.  Each gem has its unique God-given design, just waiting to be discovered.  You are like the diamond. The secret is to discover your unique pattern. The secret to a life worth living is identifying and building on the purpose you were born to fulfill.  You were born to do something very specific with your life. A role and opportunity have been entrusted to you, which reaches beyond your career and just living your life. The closer you come to fulfilling your purpose, the fewer choices you will have, but the more power you will have to “be who you are” within the bounds of actualizing your opportunities. When you are on purpose, you tend to maximize both your results and your performance along with your happiness and satisfaction. When you are off purpose, your are out of sync, and generally suffer.  This is because you are out of sync with the larger purpose, which is God’s bigger purpose.  You will the make things more chaotic for yourself if you don’t know your purpose.  Being on purpose is fundamental to enjoying a less stressful life, even in more stressful times. You are able to prioritize; to focus on what really matters. You are able to develop powerful visions for defining your future and outlining day-to-day action plans. You are able to shape some of life’s most important decisions as you move toward fulfilling your purpose.  To discover your personal purpose, you must be able to look at your existence deeper and more honesty than ever before.  When you fully understand your purpose, you will have more clarify and insight in your life where the issue is you and your hopes, dreams, talents, disappointments, time, money, family, friends, relatives, faith, doubts, and education. Your have more satisfaction and greater performance.  *

At our May retreat my husband teaches a great class, “Who Am I; What is My Purpose.”  He is incorporating the Path Primer into this class in the form of workshops.  You will receive the Path Primer book and have a chance to go through the exercises during the retreat so you can better understand your purpose, find greater meaning in your life, and be in harmony with God’s greater purpose.  If you have struggled to know your personal purpose, I encourage you to come to our spring retreat. This is the time for you to really know why you were born.  Many people struggle with why they are here.  You can make choices that are consistent with you are created to be and thus come into wholeness—-spirit, soul, and body.


*Adapted from Path Primer, Brain Technologies Corporation

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