Cover girl Sarah Taylor lost 25 pounds with Cherie’s juice program.  She attended Cherie’s class on juicing, bought The Juice Lady’s Guide to Juicing for Health and a juicer from Cherie, and took the handouts from the class.  When she put it all into practice, the weight literally melted off.  Sarah said “I’m so thankful you taught me about juicing. I have a healthier body and more energy! That is invaluable.”

Many weight loss programs offer special foods or a supplement, but these plans don’t give you live food that gives your body life.  The Juice Lady’s Program gives you the live food plan that melts away pounds and increases energy and vibrancy.

You, too, can get the plan Sarah Taylor used–the Juice Lady’s Plan described in The Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet.

“I’ve designed an easy-to-use plan that includes freshly made vegetable juices and whole foods, which will help you alkalize your body so it can let go of fat cells that store acids and other toxins.  With the alkaline and antioxidant-rich juices and diet plan, you’ll see the pounds simply melt away.

I’ve assembled the best products I could find at the best prices to help you reach your weight goals.”  Cherie Calbom, MS, The Juice Lady