Just one week to a fresh new start!

The first and most important cleanse you can do is a Colon Cleanse. There are many benefits to cleansing your colon. Some of the include improvement in digestion, flat belly, increased energy, a happier mood, healing of the intestinal tract, a stronger immune system, and prevention of diseases.


If you missed the 30-Day Detox that started with a colon cleanse week or if a 7 day cleanse works best into your schedule, my MINI CLEANSE of colon cleansing could be for you.

The class starts the second Monday of each month. 

  • 7 Day Program with Recipes
  • Private Facebook Coaching
  • One Teleconference Call with Cherie


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Though not mandatory, I highly recommend that you get a colon cleanse kit.  It is difficult to cleanse the colon without the Toxin Absorber and the herbs.

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