The Plant-Based Bundle

The bundle is looking truly amazing. It’s a collection of 100+ ebooks, courses, and guides bundled together for only $50. If bought separately, everything in the bundle would cost over $4000 in total, making the offer an incredible 98% discount! It’s unbelievable to see how much value we all have contributed to creating this mind-blowing resource.

There is literally everything in the bundle! Here are some examples of what’s included:

– Beginner Vegan Guides and Challenges

– Plant-Based Transformation Guides and Workout Programs

– Egg Replacer Master Class

– A Guide to Vegan Cheesemaking

– How to Grow Your Own Microgreens Guides

– Sustainability Guides and Zero Waste Ebooks

– Vegan Comfort Food Cookbooks

– Body Love Course and How to Overcome Narcissistic Abuse Support Group

– High Protein and Macro Friendly Cookbooks

– Juicing Tutorials and Juicing Recipe Ebooks

– Raw Vegan Recipe Ebooks and Meal Plans with Burgers, Tacos, Variety Salads, Snacks & Smoothies

– Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Oil-Free, Alkaline, and Allergy-Friendly Cookbooks

– Nice Cream and Smoothie Recipe Ebooks

– Weight Loss Guides and Ebooks with Tasty Recipes for a Healthy Weight

– Vegan Pregnancy Guides and Vegan Diets for Kids 

– Guides on Reaching Optimal Health, Cookbooks with Anti-Inflammatory Recipes, and Immunity Boosting Juices

– Plant-Based Nutrition Guides and How to Avoid Deficiencies 

– How to start an Ethical Vegan Business Courses

– Meal Plans and Meal Planners

– And So Much More!     


The bundle is the result of years of experience from the best cookbook authors, vegan doctors, chefs, personal trainers, and content creators. All these high-quality ebooks and courses have been carefully selected to help people on their vegan journey, whether they want to reach true health or live more consciously and sustainably in accordance with their core values. It’s like a library of resources that will help people live their life to their fullest, including the tools to make their vegan journey a life-changing experience! To be able to get this whole bundle for such an affordable price and a 98% discount is like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


We are also so incredibly excited to announce that this time we are doing a HUGE giveaway together with the fully vegan holiday company The Getaway Co. which organizes life-changing holiday experiences around the world. Everyone who purchases the Plant-Based Bundle will automatically be entered to win an inspiring vacation to dream locations like Portugal, Switzerland, or Bali! The holiday packages include 7-10 nights’ accommodation in a beautiful hotel or villa with a private bathroom, special excursions over the course of the trip, magical culinary experiences with famous vegan content creators, delicious plant-based meals every day, and not to mention the opportunity to meet like-minded people and make friends for life!

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