Is Your Body Toxic?

Did you know that toxins make you fat? They keep you from losing weight even when you are dieting. If you are struggling to lose weight despite eating well and exercising, toxins may be interfering with your body’s metabolism. There’s a lot you can do when it comes to taking out your body’s trash.


Because of all the environmental pollution in our world and our occasional, or maybe continual, unwise food choices, our normal body processes can get overwhelmed. Toxic substances, mucus, and congestion get trapped in our tissues and tissue spaces. Our body attempts to protect us by enclosing toxins in mucus and fat cells. When toxins enter your body, it does what it’s designed to do—protect you and keep you alive. To do that, the body needs to get the chemicals away from your vital organs and delicate tissues. The safest place to store them is in your —you guessed it!—fat cells. Then it’s going to hang onto those little storage tanks to protect you. It will even make more fat cells to store toxic waste if it needs them. So you get fatter and feel more sluggish and tired as time goes by. The only way that you are going to get rid of the toxin-filled fat cells is to do a cleanse. When you drink the cleansing, detoxifying juices that I recommend, along with the herbal tinctures, your cells can let go of the toxins and your body can let go of the fat.

Take this quiz to find out…

Is Your Body Toxic?

Do you currently smoke?

Have you been a smoker for more than 3 years?

Do you have silver mercury fillings?

Have you had a root canal(s)?

Do you drink unfiltered water?

Do you live in an urban environment?

Do you consume alcohol?

Do you use anti-perspirants?

Do you use non-organic cosmetics?

Do you use non-organic hair dye?

Have you ever lived within 10 miles of a nuclear power plant?

Have you ever lived within 5 miles of a toxic waste dump?

Have you ever lived near a farm where aerial pesticides were used?

Have you ever lived near a farm where pesticides were used?

Do you have asbestos in your home, work place or school?

Do you consume fast foods?

Do you use pesticides on your lawn or garden?

Do you have your clothes professionally dry cleaned?

Has your home been treated for termites or other pests in the past 2 years?

Do you consume non-organically grown fruits, vegetables or meats?

Do you live in an area where the ground is known to contain radon gas?

Do you eat in restaurants more than twice a week?

Do you often feel fatigued?

Do you feel lifeless, depressed, or lethargic?

Do you have difficulty thinking clearly?

Do you suffer from joint or muscle pain?

Do you sometimes feel irritable for no reason?

Do you sometimes experience shortness of breath for no reason?

Do you regularly use household chemicals for cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing, carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, or stain removal?

Have you taken prescription drugs?

Have you taken pain killers or tranquilizers?

Have you taken psychiatric drugs?

Have you taken Ritalin?

Have you taken over the counter drugs such as aspirin?

Have you taken steroids?

Have you taken LSD?

Have you taken heroin?

Have you taken cocaine?

Have you taken Methamphetamine?

Have you taken marijuana?

Have you taken PCP?

Have you taken Methadone?

Do you have wall to wall carpeting (unless non-toxic)?

Do you cook food in a microwave oven?

Do you spend less than 15 minutes outdoors each day?

Do you have an energy-efficient home that rarely gets fresh air within?

Do you travel by air at least once a month?

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