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I will guide you step by step thru integrating a Ketogenic diet with vegetable juicing which been shown to empower your healing needs.

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About the Program

  • The Program is 4 weeks. 
  • Each weekly lesson comes via email the Friday before so you can shop for supplies and food on the weekend.
  • You will get downloadable lessons for each week that will also post on your private Facebook page. 
  • You will have access to the private Facebook group for coaching and group interaction. 
  • You can ask questions via email.

This program will help you with juicing, juice fasting and integrate juicing into the ketogenic diet for your most effective nutrition if you are dealing with cancer. Cherie’s expert guidance and group support are the best combinations for SUCCESS!

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Michele’s Story: Healing with Juice

Michele and her healing JUICE!

I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) in 2013 after my hysterectomy. I was shocked and confused! I felt denial because I suspected I may have been misdiagnosed. A bone marrow biopsy confirmed the diagnosis. I was scared. The doctors did not tell me how I could heal myself at that time. This cancer was not welcome in my body. I asked God to please lead me to the people and information who could help me heal.

I was led to many loving, generous friends and natural doctors who shared lots of good information on how I could heal myself naturally. In 2016, I discovered the healing power of juicing after I did a 3-week juice fast. The fast was extremely rough on me, but it was the only thing that caused my white blood cell numbers to plummet. Eureka! I found the solution! I was so happy that the juice worked so well to help strengthen my blood. But I started eating again because I was so skinny, and my numbers crept back up to record highs. I asked God for help again and that’s when I was lead to Cherie’s Juice Retreat! She was so generous to give me a scholarship so I could attend. Everybody was so nice and I loved the experience! I got home and juiced for a while, then life’s distractions caused me to fall off. My WBC numbers kept climbing.

Cherie and Michele

Then I taped pictures of Cherie and me from the Juice Retreat on the walls of my kitchen. I would hear Cherie’s voice in my head telling me to “choose life.” I created a health vision collage. I started juicing consistently and became obsessed with the power of wheatgrass juice to heal my blood. I started having juice parties at my house to share what I learned with my family and friends. The shortness of breath I endured over the past year disappeared. I feel so much more energy. My lymph nodes shrunk and my skin problems went away.

I had a blood draw last week, but the oncologist won’t release my results for some reason. She wants me to do a bone marrow biopsy and start scary chemo. I’m not sure what my WBC numbers are right now, but I suspect they have gone down because I feel magnificent! My spirit knows I’m healed. I feel healed so I’m claiming that. I’m not concerned with what the numbers say because I feel so wonderful!

I now know with confidence that eating and drinking living foods are the best path to healing for me. I would prefer not to have to deal with cancer, but I’m thankful for cancer because it has been a wonderful teacher. So many blessings have been born from my cancer diagnosis.  At 51 years old, I am now more aligned with my life’s purpose. I love myself far more than I did in the past. I finally started my business. I’m the best Michele I’ve ever been!

Thank you so much, Cherie, for sharing your beautiful spirit and wisdom with the world so we can heal and live our lives in optimum health!

Cherie’s Comments

“Believing that a story is worth a thousand words, I consider Michele’s story to be your greatest teacher this week. Whatever issues you may struggle with, juice is your healing agent. I’ve seen this over and over again. It was my healer. I can be yours. But you must be diligent and drink a lot of vegetable juice, like about 2 quarts a day. And you must be very strict with your diet. This is your path to healing.

Testimonial from the What to Eat and Juice When You Have Cancer program.

“Day 3. Still going strong. Not really having cravings, and when I do I have some tea or juice. Which is supprising since I am on steroids after a brain radiation procedure. Usually I am really hungry all the time on steroids. So far little annoying things that have changed in my body since being on all these cancer meds (like my smell changed) seem to be returning to normal. No heartburn or stomach odd feeling (like uncomfortable full, but could still eat).”    Charron

Sarai’s Tumor has Shrank!

Day 31 of juicing and eating Raw – These last two weeks I added wild-caught salmon from Alaska. I cook it with only lemon nothing else and no seasoning, not even oil. The lemon works as the oil base. Still very good; avocado helps a lot. I’m still alive and better than healthy believe it or not. I still haven’t had a chance to go to the doctor for a follow-up. I’m down 24 pounds but most importantly the tumor has drastically shrunk. Can I hear an Amen! Let’s see – today is the first day I added bread and one corn tortilla not sure how my body will react to it but we’ll see and that’s just for today. I prefer not to add any dairy or gluten because I’ve gotten faster results that way and that’s just me though. I can’t wait for the end result of it all. I know God has something amazingly crazy planned for this new journey of mine and I can honestly say I’m more focused and energized than ever before! —Sarai,  March 2018

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