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What is a juice cleanse? Juicing to cleanse your body is a popular method to give your body a rest and cleanse away toxins. Spring is the perfect time to detox, lose weight, and energize your body. It allows you to address your entire system with a good spring cleaning.

1. Colon Detox for Improved Gut Health

As you cleanse your digestive system with juices, you’ll get rid of colon waste that’s been building up maybe for months or even years. You can do just a juice fast or you can incorporate a complete colon cleanse. By cleaning out your digestive track , you’ll get rid of gas, bloating and mucoid plaque. As your digestion improves; you’ll absorb more nutrients from your juicing, supplements and your food because the majority of your nutrients are absorbed in the upper intestinal tract. As you improve the way you process food, you’ll gain more energy, better sleep and a happier mood. Juice detox helps to feed your friendly gut bacteria thus improving your overall digestive health.

2. Optimize Your Liver Health

The liver is our primary detox organ. It must filter everything from our blood. Fast food, junk food, sweets, fried foods, alcohol, coffee, animal fats and pesticide sprayed produce all impact the liver. It’s our hardest working organ. It can get completely overwhelmed with gunk. Overtime, it can develop stones just like the gallbladder along with a lot of congestion. It won’t be able to process hormones or produce enzymes like before. During it’s most active time around 3 am when it works the hardest, it may wake us up. A juice fast provides an excellent rest for the liver along with an abundance of antioxidants that help to bind up the toxins.

If you do a complete liver cleanse with the Internal Cleanse Kit, you’ll have products to also work on routing out parasites at the same time you do a liver cleanse, Almost everyone has them these days. They’re stealing some of your best nutrients causing you to be hungrier and more tired. They also release mucous that contributes to body congestion. I thought sinus problems with drainage was something I just had to battle with in life until I did a series of parasite cleanses. What a difference the parasite cleansing made. That problem is gone now—COMPLETELY GONE.

3. Cleanse Your Skin, Blood, Lymphatic System and Lungs

When you purify your blood and skin, your skin will glow more. Everything will hum along in your body like a well tuned car. The skin is your largest organ of elimination. It reflects your internal state. And don’t forget your lymphatic system and lungs. The lymphatics are your garbage collection system. It’s imperative that you cleanse this system because it has no pump. It can get very stagnant and congested.  And how about your lungs? They are important organs of elimination that need cleansing with herbs that rejuvenate them. This is good prevention as many people who have never smoked are getting lung cancer due to toxins. Make sure you get rid of lung toxins too.

4. Healthy, Happy Weight Loss

Juicing fasting can help you lose a few extra pounds quickly. It’s also helped many people get rid of cravings and reboot their metabolism. Would you like to look like you just returned from a spa vacation week? You can. Juice detoxing can clear out the toxins that make you look tired and stressed. And, while many people are dealing with spring allergies, you can be sailing into super health with a strong immune system and a boatload of energy. When you juice fast and embark on the 30-day detox, which includes 3 days of juice fasting, you give your body a chance to clear toxins from fat cells. With all the nutrients from the juices, your body can let them go because there are plenty of antioxidants to carry them out of your system. This way they won’t harm your organs and tissues. Many people have found that they lose weight effortlessly with a juice cleanse. You can hit the reset button this spring and lose the winter weight. Cleanse your pathways of elimination and you’ll see the weight loss you want and the health that propels you into your future.

5. Get Your Rosy Glow Back

You’ll look more refreshed when you do a juice cleanse. Do you ever get up in the morning feeling tired and achy, but after a hot shower, you feel much better? That’s a quick reset. Cleansing is a deluxe reset for your entire system. If you want to turn things around quickly in your body and your face, this is your opportunity for the best change you could imagine. So out with the junk and in with the pure fresh juices and healthy foods along with the cleansing herbs.

6. Mental Clarity Increased

Juice fasting helps the brain. That may be why so many people who do a juice fast tell me their cognition and mental clarity improve during a juice fast. What is going on? A recent study found that an overnight fast actually heightened decision-making skills of the participants. This supported another study, which found that the brain relied less on glucose availability after a prolonged period of fasting. And it doesn’t end there. Many people have reported that their mood improved, depression took flight, and they were happier throughout the day. Studies have noted that short-term fasting could boost positive emotions such as the sense of achievement, reward, pride and self-control.

Do you want blessings, abundance, prosperity, direction, focus, and new life? What if I told you that, in part, it starts with cellular energy and your liver, kidneys and colon? If your internal paths of elimination are freed up from the waste and toxins that slow them down, you can t be speeding down life’s highway toward your goals. Think about your car. If the oil filter and air filter are clogged up and the oil is dirty, how efficiently will you car run? I have a lot of goals and projects for this year, but I realize I’m not going to make them a reality unless my body is in peak health. How about you?

Here’s What You Can Do Right Now

Start juicing.  Do a juice fast.  You can join my 5-day Juice Fast. Or, join my 30-Day Detox program with the Internal Cleanse Kit. Drink at least 3 big (10-12 ounce) glasses of fresh juice a day and get into a cleanse program to recharge your body.  Include beets and greens in your juices. Beets are very cleansing for your liver and the greens are cleansing for everything in your body. Try my Beet Berry Liver Cleanse Cocktail!

Happy juice cleansing!


Beet- Berry Liver Cleanse Cocktail

Beets have been used as a naturally remedy for liver cleansing for many years.

  • 2 medium beets
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1 green apple
  • 1 large carrot
  • 1 broccoli stem
  • 1 lemon, peeled
  • 1-inch chunk ginger
  • 1/2 cup  coconut water

Juice all ingredients.  Add coconut water, stir, and enjoy!

From The Juice Lady’s Guide to Fasting


Jan Lost 45 Pounds

I got a wake up call three years ago. I saw a picture of me standing next to my husband who was actually suffering from advanced congestive heart failure from a rare genetically inclined heart condition called ARVD and an unknown condition called Cardiac Amolydosis.  Though twenty years younger, I felt as if I was going to go first.  Since then I have lost 45 lbs. going from a size 16 ladies slacks to a size 4 and from an extra large ladies top to a medium. I juice and drink smoothies and take turmeric as well as employ other techniques and philosophies in my diet and daily life. I feel better today at 60 than I did at age 40. Over the three years, I have inspired several of my close friends to work on getting their health back as well.  What started out as a journey to get my own health back so that I could be there to support and take care of my dying husband has since turned into inspiration for me to inspire mature women worldwide to thrive not only in their health but in all areas of their lives!

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