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A Fluoride Treatment Disaster.

From Meltdowns and Tantrums to a Peaceful, Happy Child

I had a very interesting conversation with a young mom who relayed a story about her daughter’s journey from tantrums, screams, and meltdowns to a peaceful,
 happy child.

Here’s a portion of her story:

When my daughter was born, she was a very calm newborn and only cried when she was hungry. She smiled a lot and her joy continued to blossom even into her twos. People would comment how she didn’t have the “terrible twos” behaviors and how much she smiled almost all the time with joy!

When she was about 3 ½, we began to see new behaviors in her that were not seen before. She began to display defiance when she did not get her way. But more significantly, she began to withdraw from people other than her immediate family, whereas before she was very outgoing with people. She would hold her head down and as a safety net, she would hold up her hand in front of her face to try to hide, especially from other children. She would finally make a friend at school, but it was still difficult getting her to go in the classroom.

She began to display more significant physical aggression at age 4. One instance was when we had to leave (her Dad’s parents) Grandma and Grandpa’s house and she did not want to leave. She wanted to play longer. When we were walking out the door, she tried to close the door onto her Grandpa and hit her Grandma. She also hit my mother during this 4 year timeframe for a similar situation. It was as if she could not handle a negative emotion and when something “triggered” her such as not wanting to go somewhere, or not wanting to leave somewhere she desired, then she didn’t know how to deescalate these big emotions of anger and disappointment.

Our twin boys were born 4 days before she turned 5 years old. She showed so much love for them, but then also continued with negative behaviors. She escalated even more in her 5th year. Her behaviors had escalated into longer tantrums and fits. So, where I do not believe her brothers’ birth was the root cause, having them was a trigger at times. She was not able to handle the emotions. It was as if the neurological and endocrine functions were not completely there to help her handle them in a normal way. She began to scream in rages, hit both her dad and myself with closed fists, come up behind me and yank my hair to the point of arching my back and these fits were now longer than 30 minutes.They were reaching 45 minutes to 2 hours at a time. Many times, they were so bad I would pack up the boys and head to my parents’ house just so they couldn’t hear the screams. One day, her fit was so extreme her dad and I took her to the ER. The ER doctor could not tell me anything. She was calm by then and her blood tests came out fine.

A few months before, God brought me to your book, The Wrinkle Cleanse. I cannot remember when I purchased your book! …. but somehow I had it. I felt compelled to read it with urgency. I began to read all about the juicing protocols. I dove all in. I knew our family needed this, especially my daughter. I purchased the Nama Juicer and began juicing right away. I know God sent me to you during this time. For the last year and a half, we have been juicing SO many carrots, celery, apples, lemons, oranges, garlic, and ginger. I began to read the benefits of these specific foods and focused on foods to support our daughter.

The behaviors would get better for a while and then all of a sudden would reappear with a vengeance. I signed up for your newsletter emails. I received the email introducing me to Ty and Charlene Bollinger. I watched the video series they offered. I also signed up for their newsletter emails. I learned SO much about vaccines. Through Ty and Charlene’s emails I purchased Ty’s book “Think Outside the Box” just this past summer of 2023. I began to read it in the evenings and was engulfed in the knowledge. When I jumped to page 435 to read the part about Dr. Rashid Buttar’s son, Abie, I began to feel hope because if he was able to recover his son I knew I could find a way to recover our daughter and bring her joy back.

On August 24, 2023, she had a Dr. appointment with our holistic and alternative Dr. Immediately following that appt., I took her to her pediatric dentist appointment where she had her yearly fluoride treatment since we have a Reverse Osmosis water purification system. The dentist has always recommended this treatment. The next week, she had the worst behavior episode to date. It was over a small trigger with her brothers and a toy. She began to scream, throw anything in sight including bar stools and chairs, slamming chairs on the floor, hitting both me and her dad. This went on for 45 minutes before I had to call on help. I called my cousin David, who is a pastor, and his wife Debbie over. They arrived in about 10 minutes. Normally, she would calm down in front of someone like this, but oddly her behaviors continued in a rage. She threw a toy down the hall and it barely missed Debbie’s head by inches. They began to pray with us and then David called for a 24 hour prayer and fast from food.

During the fast, the next day, I pleaded with the Lord and, as I stood in our kitchen. “God, PLEASE” I cried, reveal to me what toxin we have exposed our daughter too. Please God, just tell me.” Immediately, I heard in my spirit- “Fluoride Treatment.” I said, God, we kicked out fluoride from our water, so it’s the fluoride treatment from the dentist?! I was astonished. I had never thought to connect the dots to this. I looked back at my calendar and was stunned to realize that her fluoride treatment was just 6 days before that huge fit. I said, okay… I hear you…but I still need confirmation. I need more details. I then felt compelled to go back to Ty’s book that I was in the middle of reading. I looked up in the index the word “fluoride” and could hardly believe my eyes that Ty had an entire chapter on not only fluoride but the HISTORY and LIES behind fluoride. My jaw dropped for most of my reading. I then went on a quest to find the antidote to fluoride. How was I going to get the fluoride OUT of her system. I found great success with pure, organic Frankincense oil because of its anti-inflammatory properties, but we could still see the turmoil in her. This explained why I was having some success in shrinking her tonsils, but then could never recover them because I continued with this fluoride treatment so it was a constant battle. The vaccines had stopped, but then fluoride had continued. She was on overload and it was getting dangerous to her health. Then God stepped in!

When I went to my holistic dentist to get my silver fillings out, I felt comfortable enough to share our daughter’s story with him and how we were now staying away from fluoride. He began to educate me on iodine and said “your daughter could be in dire need of iodine.” He explained how fluoride steals our iodine levels, but that iodine when given correctly will begin to detox and remove fluoride! He explained our bodies do not make iodine on its own and if we’re not eating enough foods with iodine and then using fluoride, we’re in a mess.

For the first time, I knew the answer! God not only revealed the culprit, fluoride, but He led me QUICKLY to the answer. My dentist recommended Dr. Lugal’s 5% iodine. I was counting the days until this arrived in the mail. When it came on October 28, 2023, I began treatment on her inner arm. She absorbed the iodine stain in less than 2 hours. She WAS severely deficient. We are about six weeks in now and whereas before we were experiencing 1-2 fits per day depending on the day, we have now experienced 3 total fits in 6 weeks!!! And, these fits are MUCH less extreme. We have a rational, joy-filled, little girl who goes to bed now with no fear, walks right into her classroom with confidence, has about 5-7 close friends at school who love her dearly, helps me cook in the kitchen and can now watch a movie without being triggered when it goes off. She leaves Grandma and Grandpa’s and my parents’ house without losing her emotions, hugs them, and compliantly gets in the car to go home.

Bottom line—we do not need fluoride in our systems, and especially our children while their precious neurological systems are growing and developing. We do not need them on such a toxic substance just to have their vital nutrients and minerals like iodine stolen from them. Cavities are prevented when we juice all of God’s great food He has gifted us with and when we stay away from processed foods, drinks, and sugar! That’s the way to preventing cavities in our children!

Our daughter was so close to being diagnosed with a Borderline Personality Disorder with medications prescribed. Thankfully I said NO and that I needed to continue keeping on with research and hearing from God first. I have since learned how fluoride is hidden in so many medications as well. Why?!!! The truth needs to get out. Why couldn’t our pediatricians raise these questions? And more than that, why didn’t our Pediatric Dentist
tell me we would desperately need iodine with fluoride treatments? We will no longer use any fluoride of any sort within our control. No fluoridated toothpaste, definitely no fluoride treatment, and no water from restaurants (we take our own water if we do go out to a restaurant, which is now rare!). Our whole family is on iodine now and we’re all sleeping better at night. No wonder! Because fluoride also calcifies the pineal gland. It’s the pineal
gland God created to release melatonin at night. Melatonin also kills cancer cells as we sleep! What a good God we have!

I believe God is raising up an army of people to bring the truth to light. I thank you, Cherie, for your wisdom and anointing to share my story with others. The Lord sent me to your book and brought me FULL CIRCLE back around to you. I’m in awe of Him because His ways are indeed higher than human ways. He gave my family the breakthrough we needed before it was too late. I hope millions can hear his story and realize how good God is. He is our Healer.  -JM

My Notes Regarding This Story
I hope you will share this powerful story with as many people as you can. I have heard similar stories when it comes to sugar and tantrums and meltdowns. Sugar is hidden in so many foods today. We have no idea how much we are eating and how much our children consume each day.  For example, 1 teaspoon of maple syrup contains 13.5 grams of sugar. Imitation maple syrup usually is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. This sweetener is one of the worst choices we could make. One study shows HFCS consumption in adolescent rats led to a bipolar‐like behavioral phenotype with neuronal hyper-excitability, which is known to be one of the earliest manifestations of bipolar disorder. (https://neurosciencenews.com/high-fructose-syrup-bipolar-10810/ This study shows that HFCS,endophenotypic manifestations of bipolar disorder.) An analysis of breakfast cereal shows an average serving of cereal contains 2 teaspoons of sugar. Typical pasta sauce has 10 gram of sugar. Typically, peanut butter has added sugar as does bread, crackers, and rolls. I could go on but you can see the point. Many children eat sugar hidden in their food all day long. “New research suggests that conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome (ADHD), bipolar disorder, and even aggressive behaviors may be linked with sugar intake.” (https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/10/201016112903.htm) “The effect sugar has on dopamine and dopamine receptors make it addictive and is why it is often so difficult to eliminate sugar from the diet.” (https://www.texasinstituteforneurologicaldisorders.com/uncategorized/effects-high-sugar-diet-brain/)

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