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Detoxing with Sauna

Press the Restart and Begin Anew!

Warm weather is here and the changing of the seasons gives ample opportunity to press restart and begin anew.  “Spring cleaning” should not be limited to the space around us.  This is also a great time to detoxify and recharge your body. One of my favorite detox tools is my Sunlighten sauna.

The simple act of sweating is one way the body regulates itself, allowing one to heal and remain healthy. Sunlighten infrared saunas are one of the most effective methods of inducing a detoxifying sweat carrying toxins out of the body through the pores. The deep penetration of infrared heat releases toxins from the fat layers just beneath the skin. These toxins pass from the organs to the fat tissue under the skin. Then they are eliminated in perspiration.

Why a Sunlighten Sauna Is Best for Detox

Infrared saunas are not created equally.  They all get hot which makes the body sweat, but it is not necessarily a detoxifying sweat.  Sunlighten’s patented far infrared technology offers the highest dose infrared energy into the body – proven to be 95-99% effective.  This significantly quickens the detoxification process by raising the body’s core temperature and heating the tissues several inches deep causing cells to vibrate. It is the only sauna clinically shown to raise core body temperature by 2 to 3 degrees vs. simply heating the air around the body.

Sauna Detox Program

Research shows that specific parts of the infrared spectrum are effective at producing different health benefits.  Sunlighten has a 3-in-1 infrared sauna that has three separate heating elements emit near, mid and far infrared at peak wavelengths.  This is unique because it allows you to personalize each session to your needs.  The 3-in-1 Wellness Programs include detoxification, anti-aging, pain relief, cardio, weight loss, relaxation or custom.  I recommend the detox program for cleansing the body!

Visit www.sunlighten.com  to learn more. You can begin your summer cleansed and slimmer—ready for all the summer fun you have planned.

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