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Detox Toxic Estrogen

Any hinderance of the detoxification process resulting from poor diet, alcohol, drugs or toxins can cause estrogen dominance. The liver has a two-step detoxification process, which filters hormones and toxins in the bloodstream. In phase I, the liver converts substances into toxic free radicals before they are converted into a water-soluble form in phase II. If phase II isn’t operating up to speed, the toxic free radicals build up in your system. Both phases must be in balance in order for proper elimination of waste to occur via sweat, urine, stool or the lungs.

The liver produces bile, which aids in elimination of hormones as it carries estrogen, and other waste via dietary fiber out of the body. If fiber not adequate due to dietary deficiency, the risk of toxic estrogen build up is increased. In addition, if the liver is congested, elimination of toxic estrogen will be impeded. Sometimes it takes several passes through the detoxification process for substances to be metabolized, adding extra stress for the liver. Furthermore, if the liver is overloaded with toxins and can’t fully metabolize the estrogens and toxins, the body may store them in fat. Fat cells also produce estrogen. This is one reason why estrogen levels go down with weight loss.

Conditions Associated with Estrogen Dominance

  • Autoimmune diseases: Hashimoto’s, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, etc.
  • Breast cancer
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibrocystic breasts
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Infertility
  • Leaky gut
  • Obesity
  • PCOS
  • PMS

Here’s What You Can Do

Estrogen dominance can be corrected. It’s advantageous to do a liver cleanse to start with. I’ve designed a whole program to help you cleanse your liver. I specifically focus on the liver in week 2 of 30-Day Detox. Also, get the Internal Cleanse Kit with the Free Colon Cleanse Kit. Or, if you just want to do the liver cleanse right now, get the Liver-Gallbladder Rejuvenator with the 30-Day Detox.

In addition, you want to offset factors that one can’t control, such as DNA. Genetics can leave a person more susceptible to excess estrogen, thus increasing risk of related diseases. Looking at the role of DNA relative to other influencing factors, we want to look at the BRCA gene, known for breast and ovarian cancer risk. In the 1940’s risk of developing breast cancer with the BRCA genes was only 24% whereas estimated risk is almost 85% today. Though it’s not possible to avoid all the contributing factors a person is exposed to; with awareness, one can minimize exposure while also employing ways to offset it.

You should address the following:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Improve digestion
  3. Use a high-fiber diet to improve estrogen detoxification
  4. Limit chemical estrogen exposure

Prevent Testosterone From Turning Into Estrogen

“Estrogens are formed from testosterone and androstenedione through the process known as aromatization. The enzyme which encodes for aromatase is CYP19A1. Once aromatized, estradiol (E2) and estrone (E1) undergo hydroxylation through 3 primary enzymes to generate their respective hydroxylated end products:

4OH is catalyzed predominantly through CYP1B1

2OH is catalyzed predominantly through CYP1A1

16OH is catalyzed predominantly through CYP3a4

The 4OH molecule is highly reactive. It is accepted as a carcinogen, largely because of its propensity to form the 3, 4 semi quinone free radical, which can form unstable DNA adducts. A DNA adduct is literally when a molecule adheres to a segment of DNA. This can cause changes in genomic activity, and if left un-repaired, these adducts can cause mutations.”


Here’s what you can take:

  • DIM (diindolylmethane) – stimulates 2 hydroxylation (neutral estrogen pathway) via CYP1A1 and reduces expression of 16 hydroxylation (potential harmful estrogen pathway) through inhibiting CYP3a4.
  • Flax seeds – promote CYP1A1 and an inhibitor of CYP1B1. Thus, flax seeds are promoters of 2 hydroxylation (neutral estrogen), and inhibitors of 4 hydroxylation (potentially undesirable). (1.2)
  • Berries – blackberries, raspberries, blueberries are a rich source of polyphenolic compounds, including ellagic acid. Ellagic acid is a promoter of glutathione transferase (GSTM) as well as NQO1 (quinone reductase) (3). These 2 enzymes are important in the detoxification of 3,4 semi-quinones. Additionally, ellagic acid has been shown to increase DNA repair genes, as well as reduce DNA adducts that have been formed by carcinogens (4,5).
  • Grapefruit & citrus peel– Are sources of hesperidin. Hesperidin at high doses inhibits CYP1B1 and also CYP3a4. Grapefruit is notorious for inhibiting CYP3a4 (6, 7). Citrus peel contains a considerable amount of hesperidin, that is especially true of dried tangerine peel. An assortment of studies done on hesperidin have found an overall increase in blood flow and circulation, reduction in blood pressure, and reduction in symptoms of cell adhesion factors, which may disrupt cancer activities (8).
  • Calcium D-glucarate – is a form of calcium that promotes phase 2 glucuronidation. This phase 2 reaction makes molecules more water soluble. Additionally, it is believed that calcium d-glucarate is a beta glucuronidase inhibitor, which acts to prevent the reabsorption of detoxified estrogens through 2nd pass metabolism.
  • Glutathione promoters and/or cofactors: NAC, lipoic acid, selenium, B-2, B-6, zinc

(For references and more information, see https://metabolichealing.com/detoxification-estrogen-environment-genetics-nutritional-intervention/ )

Food Factors

  1. Nutrition plays a major role in hormonal balancing. Keep in mind the detoxification process. Also address the following dietary practices that have a negative impact:
  2. High sugar levels can lead to insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, PCOS and low SHBG levels, all of which are linked to estrogen imbalance. Cut out ALL SUGAR AND SWEETS. Get my book Sugar Knockout.
  3. High fructose (sugar) leads to leaky gut causing added burden to the liver.
  4. Dairy and meats are hormone rich. Cut out all dairy and limit red meat to no more than two times a week and make sure it is clean—grass fed and hormone free.
  5. Gluten impairs estrogen metabolism. Omit ALL GLUTEN from your diet.
  6. Saturated animal fats are linked to liver damage and fat storage. OMIT ALL ANIMAL FAT.
  7. Low fiber leads to constipation, inhibits hormone excretion. Eat a high-fiber diet.

Environmental Factors

In addition to the list above, there is a host of chemicals known as endocrine disruptors, which disrupt hormonal balance. Phthalates in plastics, i.e. BPAs; herbicides, PCBs and heavy metals are all examples. Many of these contaminates are found in foods, unfiltered drinking water, as well as cosmetics, to name a few. The synthetic hormones used in hormone replacement therapy and contraception should also be addressed, as well as alcohol, cigarettes and stress. Stress raises cortisol and reduces progesterone thus creating hormonal imbalance.

Liver Detox Juice Cocktail Serves 1

One of the unique cleansing properties arugula is to counteract the destructive effects of heavy metals, particularly in the liver. A member of the cruciferous vegetable family, it is rich in detoxifying antioxidants.

  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 handful arugula
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • 1/2 green apple
  • 1/4 cup mint
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • 1-inch chunk ginger root

Cut produce to fit your juicer’s feed tube. Juice and stir.  Enjoy!

From The Juice Lady’s Guide to Fasting


  1. Lida Pederson

    This info is very valuable for me. Thank you! I have several of your books. I’m looking forward to trying the Liver Detox Juice Cocktail! I so appreciate the recipe!

  2. Thank you for this very valuable information! I am so looking forward to trying your Liver Detox Juice Cocktail! I have several of your great books. I have a green smoothie for breakfast, 2 green juices during the day, a large salad for supper with some chicken most days. Thank you for your guidance. I’m on thyroid medication,high blood pressure, high cholesterol and my adrenals are not functioning well.

    • I recommend my book The Juice Lady’s Remedies for Stress and Adrenal Fatigue. Also my Vitality Renew supplement. As you destress your BP should come down. Liver cleansing will help lower your cholesterol. And my book The Juice Lady’s Remedies for Thyroid Disorders would be helpful.

  3. Anika Bostic

    Hi Cherie,
    I have just learned I have uterine fibroids. What are your recommendations? I will do the liver detox for sure. Can I still eat chicken and fish?

    • I would recommend doing the complete cleanse. Join my 30-day detox program. For the first 2 weeks, no chicken or fish.