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Healing for Heel Pain

One of the interesting benefits of the Watercress Soup Diet was that two of the volunteers in my Watercress Soup Diet study got rid of their Plantar Fasciitis along with some extra pounds. Michell noticed that the pain was kept at bay when she ate the watercress soup and came back when she went on vacation and didn’t have any watercress for awhile. When she began eating this vegetable again, her pain went away.

So why would this occur? Certain nutrients are known to help promote foot health. Calcium helps prevent heel spurs that form on the heel that result in painful Plantar Fasciitis. Magnesium is needed for the body to absorb calcium. Vitamin C and bioflavonoids address the inflammatory process in Plantar Fasciitis. These nutrients are all rich in watercress. You can also take turmeric and bromelain—both are anti-inflammatories that can bring relief.

Veggie Drawer Soup

Congratulations to Sabine Schnell, the winner of my Souping is the New Juicing book giveaway on Facebook!  Here’s a great way to use up the veggies you have on hand in your veggie drawer.

Chop up onions and sauté in coconut or olive oil until translucent. Chop up any vegetables on hand and add to a soup pot with the sautéd onions. Cover with water or vegetable, chicken or beef broth. Simmer for 30 minutes. Season to taste. Blend until creamy.

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  1. Emma Shirey

    I would like to do this diet but do not like e-books, how can I get this offer in book form ?

    • I don’t have this in book form. You can get my Souping is the New Juicing book.