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Health Benefits of Fennel

In animal studies, anethole, a phytonutrient in fennel, has repeatedly been shown to reduce inflammation and to help prevent the occurrence of cancer. Fennel is an excellent source of vitamin C, folate, fiber, and potassium. Fennel is also known as a natural mood enhancer, something we all need when we’re down.  It’s something I need right now.  I fell down our steps and sprained my ankle.  I have great empathy now for everyone who is in pain.  If that’s you, I say a prayer for you today. Pray for me.

I’m considering serving the below soup at our May Jaw Food and Juice Retreat Let me know what you think.

Raw Fennel Soup


•           1 1/2 cups chopped fennel (approx. 1 large bulb)

•           3 organic celery stalks

•           1 small-medium avocado

•           1/2 cup lemon juice

•           1/4 cup spring or filtered water

•           1/2 tsp unrefined sea salt

•           4 inch length of spring onion

•           2 ice cubes


1. Blend everything until smooth (up to 1 minute). Adjust flavors to taste – add more lemon or sea salt to taste, or more water for a thinner consistency.

2. Pour into small bowls, and garnish with fennel sprigs or parsley.


  1. I hope yo are feeling better. I will say a prayer for you!

  2. Hi Cherie- So sorry to hear about your sprain-I have said a prayer and will be believing for healing for you! Thanks for the insight into fennel- it sounds like it would be good for me to add to my list of go too’s! May even see if I can grow some – if that is possible?
    I may even try the Raw Fennel Soup when I get the ingredients to make it!
    Thanks again and God Bless You, Cherie!
    Love and Prayers


  3. Sorry Cherrie for the fall. Get well soon. Thanks for the information on the benefits of the Fennel. I have been under a lot of weather lately. I will try to use Fennel as much as possible. Thanks.

  4. Hi Cherie,

    My wife recently sprained her left foot too. You probably already know about this, but just in case – Arnica gel and Helichrysum essential oil can halve or more than halve your recovery time, in addition to the usual RICE treatment. Wintergreen and birch essential oils can also be used. So sorry about your slip up, it’s been tough to see my wife in pain but she’s doing so much better in just a week. Helichrysum is so good, it can even heal bone fractures.


    • Thank you for the tips. I am using Arnica gel. Where do you get Helichrysum. I would love to try it. I’ve made a lot of progress but have a ways to go.