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Healing Conference


We’re going into the realm of Quantum Faith (quantum means “how great”) to experience the life-giving, healing light, life and power of God.

March 6-8, 2020 in Fountain Hills, Arizona

Co-sponsored by Trinity Retreat and New Renaissance

Live Streaming is available.

Make sure you get your reservation for the Lakeshore hotel in as soon as you can. There is still a fairly good rate available.  This is spring training so hotels start filling up the closer you get to February.

The facilitators will open up new realms of wisdom, faith, healing, and creativity.

Mike Parsons, Michael Tyrrell, Father John Calbom, Cherie Calbom, Bryan Culpepper, Cindy Culpepper, and Kari Browning

Register online: www.eventbrite.com/e/quantum-faith-tickets-84546832853

Phone: (208) 640-9292

Email: info@newrenaissance.us

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