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Improve Your Lungs; Increase Energy

Detox Your Lungs!

Do your lungs need some help after the winter bugs or the bad air of your city? Detoxification of your lungs can help get rid of environmental toxins, harmful organisms and irritants. Each day we breathe so many irritating substance, and some of us more than others, depending on an individual’s air quality. Cleansing will improve lung function, reduce swelling or inflammation, and strengthen lung capacity. In addition, it will help clear mucus from the airways and improve circulation to the lungs. Cleansing the lungs on a regular basis can even help treat chronic bronchitis, asthma, throat infections, and congestion as well as prevent bad breath. Below are some herbs to cleanse your lungs: Also note that air pollution may increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. As you improve your lung health, you may notice you have more energy. Good lung health means you can breathe more deeply and thus take in more oxygen. That leads to more energy.

  • Mullein (leaf) – Mullein leaf is an effective lung tonic indicated for chest congestion. It helps loosen phlegm, break up congestion and soothe irritated mucus membranes.
  • Butterfly Weed (Pleurisy root) – is an important herb to Native Americans, butterfly weed encourages expectoration, potential reduction of occasional respiratory inflammation, and provides a general mild tonic effect on the respiratory system.
  • Lungwort lichen – With strong antioxidant compounds, lungwort helps to detoxify the lungs and provide relief from respiratory irritation. It has been shown to thin and loosen phlegm and mucus for easier expectoration.
  • Grindelia (aerial parts) – By helping to relax the smooth muscles of the lungs, grindelia helps relieve respiratory catarrh and promotes the normal production and elimination of mucus in the respiratory system. Its strong expectorant action has been shown to reduce blockage of the airways.
  • Organic Elecampane (root) – Elecampane is considered a natural lung cleanser that is recommended for conditions with large amounts of mucus. Its phytochemicals coat and soothe bronchial passages and protect against foreign pathogens.
  • Chlorella – A powerful detoxifying agent, chlorella helps rid the lungs and airways of heavy metals, molds, and pollutants. Chlorella also helps to regenerate immune cells.
  • Cordyceps (mycelia CS-4 extract 2:1) – Extracts from this medicinal mushroom help promote healthy lungs and bronchial airways. It is considered a tonic that clears the lungs, improves vitality, and helps to increase natural immunity.
  • Turkey Tails (mushroom extract 8:1) – This mushroom has been used traditionally and presently to support the immune system., Used worldwide for respiratory ailments, turkey tails reduces the production of phlegm and eases discomfort caused by inflammation.
  • Wild American Ginseng (root) – American ginseng aids in the protection of upper respiratory concerns. It is also an adaptogen that supports a healthy nervous system and reduces fatigue.
  • Mullein (flower) – The flower of mullein is a popular natural remedy that helps loosen and expectorate sticky mucus. It contains phytonutrients where research is showing may support the health of the body.
  • Lobelia (aerial parts) – Lobeline, the active compound of the herb, has been shown to promote the breaks down of congestion in the lungs and thins mucus. It also has a broncho-dilating effect that opens the airways for deeper breathing.
  • Organic Black Peppercorns – Extracts of black pepper are said to improve circulation and improve lung-related conditions. Its active ingredients have been shown to support the health of the lungs and airways.*
  • Organic Ginger (root) – Ginger relaxes the airways, making it a natural herbal support for upper respiratory health concerns. Ginger promotes respiratory health by helping to rid the lungs of pollutants and other irritants while relieving congestion and improving circulation.*
  • Long Pepper (fruit) – In Ayurvedic medicine, long pepper is indicated for “cold, wet and ‘mucousy’ conditions of the lungs.” It may help expel accumulated mucus and improve circulation to the lungs.*
  • Organic Sweet Violet (leaf & flower) – The healing phytochemicals in sweet violet exert antispasmodic and expectorant properties, including protecting from inflammation in the lungs. Because of this, sweet violet may help open airways.
  • Organic Licorice (root) – Licorice soothes mucus membranes in the throat and lungs while reducing phlegm, opening airways, and relieving bronchial spasm.

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Recipe of the Day
Lung Detox Juice

  • 1 Apple, medium
  • 2 Carrots, medium
  • 1 Cucumber, medium
  • 2 inch Ginger, root
  • 4  Kale leaves
  • 4 Romaine lettuce leaves

Juice all ingredients.  Stir and enjoy.

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