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Juice Metabolism Reboot Metabolism

When your metabolism perks up, you burn more energy (calories) and as long as you don’t eat too many carbs or large portions of food, you will lose weight! So, how do you reboot your metabolic rate? Juice. And include more raw foods in your diet, within a short time, you will increase your metabolism. But that’s not all– you will begin feeling incredibly healthy and more energetic.

Greater Vitality From Metabolism Boosting Foods
How can fresh juice and raw foods be so beneficial? The most important aspect of raw juices and raw foods is the energy (biophotons) you derive from these foods. Biophotons (light rays of energy absorbed from the sun) in raw foods feed the mitochondira—the energy units of our cells that produce ATP, our energy fuel. This energy is used rather than stored as fat, as opposed to what tends to happen with high fat, carb-rich, overly cooked, and processed foods are eaten. Raw foods contain the enzymes that are destroyed during cooking. This means these foods really speed up the metabolism. Plant enzymes join with your own digestive system enzymes to promote the speed of your metabolism–how your body breaks down the nutrients necessary to lose weight and remain energized. Cooked foods take much longer to digest, and therefore tend to be stored in your body as fat. But raw food, and especially fresh juice, is digested very easily and utilized quickly. This will lead to a slimmer you in no time.

Foods That Speed Up Metabolism
Remember, every time you eat, your system has to divert resources and energy into your digestive process. It does this by rerouting more blood away from other parts of your body and into your digestive track. That is why you may become sleepy after eating a big meal. However, fresh juice and raw foods makes use of the enzymes within that food to assist your digestion, which spares your digestive organs from a lot of hard work saving energy! Therefore, juice and a high raw food diet means you have more energy.

An additional benefit of juicing and raw foods is the reduction of acids. Fresh juices and raw foods help to alkalize your body. Your body will store acids in fat cells and will actually hold onto those cells to save your delicate organs. As you alkalize your system, you will lose weight because your fat cells can let go of acids with the addition of high alkaline juices. And you will  feel lighter. When you go partly raw food and juice, you can still eat cooked food, wild caught fish, grass fed beef, and free range chicken and eggs for example. I don’t recommend that you eat dairy. But you want to make at least half your food choices raw.

Additionally, excess toxins are stored in your fat cells. For many people, excess fat is largely due to toxicity, rather than calories. The same principle applies here as it does to acids. Your body will hang onto fat cells holding the toxins in those little storage tanks to protect your vital organs. An organic, raw food diet with raw juices a key focus is the lowest in toxins of any diet you could choose. On a raw diet where you have much less of a daily toxic load; your body will then start removing the excess stored toxins from your fat cells. And it will be safely released because you will have enough antioxidants to bind to toxins and carry them safely out of your body. This results in a dramatic fat burning effect.

It is not probable that you will eat too much on this diet, in great part because you will feel satisfied. Due to the high fiber, high nutrient, and water content in a juicing and raw foods diet, you will find you feel fuller much more quickly. In addition, your liver, which is your fat-burning organ, will be operating at it’s optimum level burning fat and removing toxins rather than storing them. Following this lifestyle, nearly your whole diet is based on metabolism boosting foods. No matter how many pounds you want to lose, a juicing and raw food rich lifestyle is the very best choice.

Want to take the Metabolism Reboot Challenge?

Put the Juice and Raw Foods Diet to the test. In a couple of weeks with juicing veggies daily living and eating more raw foods, your metabolism will boot up a notch and you’ll be losing weight and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

What Can Juicing and Raw Foods Do For You In One Week?

I’ve heard from many people who have experienced dramatic weight loss results in one week.

Marianne Lost 7 Pounds

I was so happy to find out I lost 7 pounds. I am hoping to continue on this path. I am so grateful I was able to come last week to your [Juice & Raw Foods Retreat]. Thanks for all your hard work and preparation.

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