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My Husband is Tumor-Free

Healing Cancer- Body, Soul and Spirit

In February 2023 my husband, Fr. John, was diagnosed with bladder cancer. They identified 3 small tumors; one was high-grade and fast-growing. We wasted no time and scheduled the three-week program at Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico. I was able to go with him for no extra charge. We were very excited to find their great treatments incorporated a plant-based organic die, fresh juice, tea, and a host of vitamin drips, supplements, and many varied holistic treatments.

“What happened,” you may be wondering. How could my husband get cancer when we juice and eat organic whole foods, when he’s a HeartMath biofeedback practitioner who teaches resilience advantage and de-stressing? Who teaches emotional and mental detox at our juice retreats and guides people in the letting go process? Some people have said maybe our program doesn’t work. Let me tell you how well it works and how it all broke down.

The breakdown started in January of 2022 with a leak behind our kitchen sink. When we finally realized what was going on, we had a significant black and pink “mold garden” We had to rip out our entire kitchen—everything was taken out but our refrigerator. We ended up with no other appliances, no sink, and no countertops and cabinets. It took a good week for the mold remediation and drying to be complete. It took five months to have our kitchen restored. Meanwhile, we had to eat out for all our meals. I was not able to juice or make any of our typical organic meals. Less than a year later my husband got this alarming diagnosis.

Before this, for five years we had kept small growths that were termed by his doctor to be just “a nuisance” at bay. But with five months of eating out, and most probably getting plenty of GMO foods, pesticide-sprayed fare, and very little juice, we had a setup for cancer.

Right about the time we heard the alarming news regarding his diagnosis, we met Rob and Rachel Clausen. Rob had been diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer with a tumor the size of a tennis ball. He wasn’t getting the help he needed from a number of holistic treatment centers in our area. Then the Clausen’s found Oasis of Hope. When we met Rob, three years after he began the Oasis of Hope journey, he was cancer-free.  Actually, he was found to be cancer-free after six months on their program.  Rob’s story was convincing. When we learned that in addition to their holistic program, they served only organic, plant-based food and fresh juice at their hospital, we knew it was the place for us. It paid off.  With his follow-up test in July 2023, no tumors were found.

We remain impressed with the program offered by Oasis of Hope. It’s holistic—spirit, soul, and body. It’s what we’ve been teaching for years. We found their mostly plant-based program with juice to be a very good model. They allow two wild-caught fish meals a week and two free-range egg meals. The rest is plant-based. I’ve added more juice to our program than what they serve. I’ve added numerous other additions that are uniquely our program.

I’m very happy to offer you our newly revised cancer program,  “Healing Cancer—Body, Soul & Spirit”
e-program based on all we’ve learned this year.

My new program has 7 chapters and is much more comprehensive, yet I’ve lowered the price to make it affordable to all.

I pray it will be helpful for you or someone you know.

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