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Praise for Juicing!

I am writing to thank you for the things I learned from your interview with Ty Bollinger on ‘The Truth about Cancer’ series. I was encouraged by your ‘can do’ attitude.  It was infectious.  I decided to try your suggestion of 2 quarts [of juice] a day, adding in garlic and ginger, and using some pulp in a salad. I began the next day drinking 2 quarts of juice. I didn’t change anything else in the diet, just added juice. (My diet is pretty clean.) I included the one chunk of ginger and one garlic clove on the first day and added more each day.  I loved the concept of making a salad with the carrot pulp and beet pulp. Wow. One reason I have not liked juicing is because I HATE throwing away pulp.  Then I thought. . . what can I do with it?  I thought of the French and how they never throw away peelings or any part of the vegetable; they save it in the freezer and pull it out when they have enough to make vegetable stock.  I decided to make vegetable stock out of the pulp.  I put the pulp in cold water to encourage the minerals to come out and then slowly heated it up and cooked it.  Drained it. The stock was delicious!  I craved it.  The hot pulp was also good with some butter on it and my schnauzer also appreciated it. Sometimes I feel like the cooked stock nourishes me more than the juice itself.

So this is how I began an enlightening journey about juicing 2 quarts a day. Every day.  What happened?  I became less hungry. That gnawing feeling of always being hungry left me.  The cup full of vitamins I took 3 times a day dwindled down to about a tablespoon once a day.  The pain I felt most of the time has lifted. I only want to eat meat once every three days now. I experimented to see what would happen if I used juice in place of different vitamins, to see if I could eliminate them.  When I added more ginger, my sinus congestion left.  I experimented to see if I was imagining the improvements. I deleted the juice for 2 days.  The pain, lack of energy, hunger and sinus congestion returned.  I went back on the juice and it went away again.

I am a mother of 7. Between being pregnant and nursing it adds up to 14 years.  Even though my diet has been very good all those years I see that I was so hungry for what I have found in juicing.  It has become an ‘A’ activity for me. I am saving hundreds of dollars a month by getting my vitamins fresh in juice. Quite a concept.  I am surprised…and delighted.     —-Kathy

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  1. I use my carrot pulp for a salad. I freeze the pulp 2 cups to a bag, then when I am ready, I take out of freezer and let thaw.
    2 cups carrot pulp, chop up as much celery and onion as you like in it. Season it with your favorite spice, and mix together with Veganaise. I get Natures Sunshine, capsicum, garlic and parsley capsules, open 1 capsule and pour the powder into the above and that is just right, a little bite to it, but it makes it taste so good and more healthy added in. You could choose whatever herbs you want.