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Souping for Detox

Souping for Detox

Where has the time gone? I LOVE summer. It’s my favorite time of year. It goes by much too quickly and it’s slipping away too fast now. I’m trying to squeeze enjoyment from the last days of this sunny, warm time of year.

With fall approaching and my 30-Day Detox beginning the second week of September, you may want to consider adding soup to your detox regimen. I have the answer. My new book SOUPING IS THE NEW JUICING is almost here. Get a copy of my book and you can try the new soups for detox along with the juices in the 30-Day Detox program. Start off with Colon Cleanse Green Soup. Then you might enjoy Green Detox Soup in the Raw for a great liver cleanse companion. If your kidneys need a boost, try the Radish and Purple Cabbage Kidney Detox Soup. And Lymph Node Detox Soup is excellent to clear out the toxins from the lymphatic system and especially the lymph nodes. You’ll be helping to prevent cancer. If you or someone you know has cancer, lymphatic system cleansing is a must.

How Toxic Are You?

Are you toxic? Take the quiz. Put a check mark by each symptom you have.

□ Aches and pains

□ Acid reflux

□ Arthritis

□ Bloating and gas

□ Cellulite

□ Constipation

□ Dizziness

□ Emotional and mental problems

□ Headaches

□ Hormone imbalances

□ Inability to lose weight

□ Indigestion

□ Irritability

□ Lack of energy and fatigue

□ Excess weight

□ Premature aging

□ Restlessness

□ Sinus problems

□ Skin problems

□ Sleep problems

□ Stressful feelings

□ Trouble sleeping/insomnia

□ Visual problems

□ Weakness

If you checked even a few symptoms, it’s time to cleanse. Fall is a perfect time to get your body cleaned out. Many of us overindulge during the summer months with parties, vacations, backyard barbecues, fast food at the fair, weddings, and reunions. Whew! It’s time to flush out all the residual of burgers, fries, ribs, cake. . . and you know what else.


Rather than show you just a general overall cleanse, which is fine by the way, I will show you how to cleanse and support the various organs of elimination with the fabulous nutrients in the soups. This program can be used alone for a gentle cleanse or can be combined with herbal cleanse products (such as the Internal Cleanse Kit) and various juices and soups to get a more thorough cleansing. This will revitalize your organs, blood, and systems of elimination.

And you’ll feel revived!

(an excerpt from Souping is the New Juicing)

Watch for Woman’s World article featuring my new book on stands Sept 7.

PLUS, the book introduces the Cherie’s Watercress Soup Diet, with anti-aging and health benefits going well beyond just weight loss!

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Kidney Cleanse Watermelon Cooler

  • 1 strip of watermelon (about 1/8 of a small watermelon or one long strip)*
  • 1 cucumber

Juice ingredients and stir. Pour over ice. Enjoy!

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