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5 Ways to Get Thicker Hair and Stronger Nails

1. Get enough protein. If you want thick hair and strong nails, it’s all about getting enough protein (and other nutrients) along with digesting that protein efficiently. Your hair needs to produce keratin—a protein that makes hair strong. If you don’t get enough protein or if you don’t digest the protein well, hair will go into a “resting phase,” which causes noticeable hair loss. You can add protein powder to your green smoothies or juice.

2. Digest protein well; get enzymes. Systemic enzymes benefit your entire system. But specifically the enzymes I recommend help your body break down undigested proteins that circulate in the system. More digested protein means more availability for your hair and nails. These enzymes have actually helped me grow hair back. There was a time when my hair really thinned out. When I discovered these enzymes, my hair started growing and the hair I had also got thicker and stronger. I wouldn’t be without Ness #4 and # 16. They are different than other enzymes I’ve taken with meals, which did nothing to help my hair get thicker or my nails stronger. Ness enzymes are taken after a meal and they clean up undigested proteins floating around in your system. But you don’t take them according to directions, which doesn’t really do much. I did an internship with a holistic MD, who used a special protocol. I’ll include it for you when you order the enzymes.

3. Iron. Iron deficiency can cause thin hair and spoon-shaped nails.

4. Magnesium. This mineral is important for hair and nails. It you have vertical ridges in your nails, you may be magnesium deficient. You may want to get Magnesium Citrate.

5 Silicon, which is rich in cucumbers, is vital to increasing circulation to the scalp, and that is good for hair growth.

6. Zinc is involved in making proteins like those in your hair and nails. A zinc deficiency can cause white spots on your nails.

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